Get LIFTED by Sperax through a year-long grant series that aims to empower WOMEN in blockchain. Get LIFTED by Sperax through a year-long grant series that aims to empower WOMEN in blockchain.

The common practice for constructing a public blockchain stack is to build up the Layer 1 chain and then develop decentralised applications on top of it. There are technologies that help to facilitate more optimal network transactions (Layer 0). There are scalability and privacy solutions added to a public blockchain system to enhance performance and reduce cost (Layer 2).


In order to enable a truly decentralised economic ecosystem and incentivise developers to join, Sperax issued two tokens - SPA and stable coin sCOIN.            


SPA is the native utility token for the Sperax blockchain. It fuels the ecosystem and reflects the value of the network. SPA also grants token holders the right to participate in the governance process in the system. Read Token Economics paper

Read Token Economics paper

Sperax stable coin is a fiat-pegged stablecoin issued on the Sperax blockchain. It is also the first native stablecoin in the ecosystem. Sperax stable coin could lower the barrier of blockchain adoption for users. Read stability analysis paper

Read stability analysis paper

Use cases

Payment Systems

Sperax offers a global payment system based on stablecoins. Since it is based on a single currency, Sperax stablecoin could be used in respective markets to fulfill the need for payment similar to credit cards or mobile-based payment solutions. We work with payment gateways and merchants for the infrastructure so that sCOIN could be more widely accepted.

Global Remittance and Transfer

Sperax stablecoin network could support fast global transfers at a low cost. In designing the Sperax stablecoin network, we took into account the best practices of the current global currency transfer processes and leveraged on the features of blockchain technology to reduce the time and cost. Liquidity service providers act like the money transfer companies in our stablecoin network.

Decentralized Financial Services

Since Sperax stablecoin network is an open system, there could be financial applications built on top of the infrastructure. All the single-currency stablecoins are also issued on chain; considering that Sperax blockchain is compatible with the Libra Virtual Machine, a lot of the DeFi applications could also be supported by the Sperax stablecoin system. Sperax Foundation will build the first group of protocols to support basic currency features such as compound interest, lending and borrowing, token swaps etc. More complex financial products could be added by developers.

Financial Committee