Get LIFTED by Sperax through a year-long grant series that aims to empower WOMEN in blockchain. Get LIFTED by Sperax through a year-long grant series that aims to empower WOMEN in blockchain.


Our mission is to make decentralized financial services accessible to all global citizens.

To deliver that, Sperax BDLS consensus protocol ensures the highest-level security and performance with our original blockchain design. On top of it, the Sperax Foundation issues a native multi-currency stablecoin, the first in the public blockchain ecosystem, to bridge the gap between Internet users and crypto-native applications.

Before us, blockchain space suffers from occasional malicious attacks and limited transactions. Now, partner with SperaxBDLS protocol, you can reclaim your governance on financial services and make your digital world truly yours.

Here, we proudly present our four main features:
  • High Performance

    SperaxBFT requires only four steps of calculations to reach consensus, much fewer than other PoS protocols.

  • Security

    We overcame widespread problems in consensus protocols, such as DoS attacks & deadlocks caused by unreliable p2p/broadcast channels.

  • Embedded Financial Services

    Sperax introduced a financial layer, including stable coin and financial products, to enable developers and token holders to create an ecosystem that connects to the real economy.

  • Decentralised Governance

    Sperax token holders have the right to governance. Collectively, they make the network better by contributing to the design & upgrade of the ecosystem.


  • 2019

    Aug 2019

    Research and Protocol Design

    Analysis on existing protocols and drafted comparison papers

    Oct 2019

    Debuted in San Francisco Blockchain Week

    Nov 2019

    Published BDLS Consensus Protocol

    Based on extensive research on the current BFT Consensus

    Dec 2019

    Closed Seed Round Investment

    Led by Outlier Ventures, FBG Capital, NewStyle Capital

    Dec 2019

    Sperax Asia Tour

    Roadshow in Singapore, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing with Outlier Ventures

  • 2020

    Jan 2020

    Released the Go implementation of BDLS

    Mar 2020

    Public sales in Korea with Cobak

    Allocations sold out in 11 mins

    Apr 2020

    Research Paper Selected by IEEE Infocom Edgecom Conference

    Sperax: An Approach To Defeat Long Range Attacks In Blockchains

    May 2020

    Sperax First Bug Bounty

    Jul 2020

    Top Researcher Joe Yu Delivered Keynote Speech at IEEE Infocom

    Aug 2020

    Sperax First Global Public Sale

    Raised $4.7M in One Hour

    Dec 2020

    Testnet V.1 - SMART - welcomed over 700 stakers

  • 2021

    Feb 2021

    Sperax first mobile app - Sperax Play - went live and crossed 490K users two weeks since launch

  • To be completed…

    2021 Q2: Launch Sperax Play V 1.1

    2021 Q3: Launch USDs - Sperax's stablecoin

  • “Sperax has evolved beyond the early fast-follower experiments into a new generation of very legitimate technical teams with novel crypto-economic models' new generation of very legitimate technical teams with novel crypto-economic models.”
    — Ryan Zurrer (Former partner of Polychain Capital and Web3 Foundation)
  • “Sperax’s groundbreaking protocol is building an infrastructure that could land an unprecedentedly wide span of user scenarios in a crypto-enabled finance world. With its robust technology and token design, Sperax undoubtedly is poised to transform how people govern their assets.”
    — Jeffrey Jin (Cobak CEO )
  • “The latest generation of fintech programs, like the leading platform Sperax, creates the premise to further facilitate the convenience of financial services.”
    — Xiaoguang Pan (Managing Director of China Academy of Science Capital)