Trusted infrastructure for decentralised economy
Sperax closed its first public sale on Cobak with $200,000 allocation sold out in 19 mins
In SperaxBFT, the steps of calculation required to reach consensus is significantly lower than the other PoS protocols, which ensures the high performance of the protocol.
SperaxBFT overcomes many problems in today’s BFT consensus protocols, such as DOS attacks, as well as the deadlock problem caused by unreliable p2p/broadcast channels.
Embedded Financial
On top of the layer 1 public blockchain, Sperax introduced financial layer including stable coin and financial products to make sure that developers and token holders could create an ecosystem that also connects to the real economy.
No blockchain ecosystem is truly decentralised if the governance right is not given to the token holders. In the token design, Sperax token holders have their interests aligned with the value of the network; collectively, they make the network better by contributing to the design and upgrade of the ecosystem.
Our Mission
Sperax aims to provide the trusted infrastructure for decentralised economy. Its innovative SperaxBFT protocol offers a more secure solution as compared to the other BFT-based consensus. By ensuring the security and performance of the system, Sperax Foundation believes that there will be more decentralised business models enabled across different verticals.
Sperax Partners
Investors and strategic partners in Sperax ecosystem